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My work with you will be underpinned by the following principles:

  • Enabling open and honest conversations;

  • Putting impact first and REF second, while acknowledging that REF is a big part of universities’ impact needs and conversations;

  • Supporting institutions’ needs to choose, develop and articulate impact stories.

Each package is tailored, but typically contains one or more of the elements outlined below.

Please get in touch with me to discuss your requirements.

Impact Planning


  • Topics include impact planning, stakeholder mapping, evidence collection

  • Workshops can be standalone or part of a wider support package

  • Each workshop is planned with you and tailored to your institution, context and needs

  • Example: 3-hour planning workshop that doubles up as writing retreat


  • A series of meetings with individual academic staff, especially (but not exclusively) early career researchers

  • We clarify your thoughts and extend your impact plans

  • This create momentum and accountability, as well as impact space in the diary

Strategic overview

  • Meetings with potential case study authors across a Unit of Assessment, Faculty or University 

  • Compiling an overview of impact plans

  • Discussing the overview with decision makers at Unit of Assessment, Faculty or University level


I personally found the workshop so useful, and hearing the conversations in the rooms I think it really helped to stimulate lots of conversations and connections. 

Director of Impact

 Thank you for all the work you've been doing with colleagues across the faculty in the 121s, it has been invaluable.

UoA Lead

Thanks so much for your support for our process around the impact case studies and identifying really good ways to amass the right impact data. Your insights have been excellent so far – and I am looking forward to your workshop.

Impact Manager

Thanks for a very helpful and constructive conversation. These insights and your reviews will be really useful in discussions determining our final selection [of impact case studies].

REF2029 impact case study reviews

Basic review

  • Detailed annotations on your draft, including on content, structure and wording (depending on stage in the drafting process)

  • Summary report highlighting particular strengths and weaknesses of each case study

  • Specific actions that could be taken to better evidence and narrate significance and reach

  • Feedback is communicated via email, and we can discuss the feedback further via email

Review and follow-up

  • Written feedback as with a basic review

  • Verbal feedback and further discussion via a video call (30- 40 minutes)

  • For block bookings, I am able to travel for in-person feedback (30-40 minutes per case study)

  • You can discuss the case study with me via email throughout the process

Shaping the narrative

  • This is where I get more involved in un-picking the case study and suggesting how it could be framed, amounting to a heavy edit / rewrite

  • At least 2 calls to discuss the impact and narrative – details agreed on a case by case basis

  • Action plan with list of evidence needed

  • There will be limited availability of this service, so if this could be of interest to you, then please get in touch early to discuss possibilities.

Impact Officer

The feedback looks very practical and actionable which is just what we need!

UoA Lead

The Faculty was very impressed with your depth of feedback.

Impact Manager

We managed to turn quite a few case studies around, and motivate some people who literally looked happier at the end of the call.


You are an absolute star. This is really useful. It is also having a huge benefit in terms of making me think about what and how we do with this work towards future REF and I am learning a lot. 

Impact Manager

What you offer as a consultant, and what not everyone has, is a razor sharp analytical brain that you apply across disciplines. That’s what you brought to our case studies. You added new understanding and insights that took things up to another level.
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