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Introductory video - transcript

Hello, I’m excited that you are here and finding out more about me. 

The work I do is tailored to each client, but common formats include: Workshops, where my favourite ones are those that are half workshop, half writing retreat; 1-1 conversations with researchers, either as a one-off or as ongoing coaching relationships; written feedback (I used to be an Academic Writing Teacher after all); and more strategic work at UoA or university level. I have worked with specialised universities that came out top on impact in REF2021; with post-1992 universities, some of which had less internal resource for impact development; with big civic universities with jagged profiles; and from South West England to North East Scotland and everywhere in between.

In every conversation, I make clear that what matters is the impact – the benefit to someone or something, at some scale; and that REF is secondary to that. However, I am skilled at working REF requirements into planning conversations, so that the step from the impact you do anyway to a REF case study is not insurmountable, should it be needed. And when it comes to writing, editing and polishing those REF case studies, I have been involved in hundreds of these, drawing on my own linguistics research, where relevant.

What I enjoy most about my work with researchers is that I get to hear about a vast variety of research and impact journeys. I also love that there are often lightbulb moments – not in every conversation, but it happens fairly regularly in chats with researchers that I listen and then rephrase something, and all of a sudden there’s an arc from which a to do list emanates.

That is what makes working with me so practical and actionable.

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