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Welcome! I am a research impact specialist with a wide range of experience in planning, developing and articulating impact. You might be working on research impact plans, preparing an impact case study for REF2029, or seeking a second opinion, external eye or critical friend for anything else around research impact. Whether you are an individual researcher or an institutional research manager, I invite you to read on to find out more about me and my services.

My work is informed by my PhD on the language of REF2014 impact case studies, and I continue research in this area. Since 2019, I have supported a wide range of UK universities with their impact plans, including REF2021 impact case studies. Working with me therefore means working with someone who is experienced in REF preparations and wider impact development, with an in-depth knowledge of the REF context through doctoral research.

I can help in many different ways, whether you are preparing for REF2029 or planning impact at any stage in your research/impact journey. This could be through workshops, planning sessions with individual researchers, strategy meetings with a whole Unit of Assessment in your university, or providing written feedback on drafts of impact case studies. You can get an idea under Services, but when you contact me, we will talk through your requirements and design the best package for your needs.

Contact me

If you would like to discuss how I can work with you, please get in touch for a free, informal conversation to explore possibilities, by email ( or video call.

Thanks for your message. I will respond within a week.

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